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About Gary Stretar
I spent most of my career painting in watercolor.  The techniques of thin washes, blended backgrounds and diminished brushstroke employed in that medium heavily influenced my painting style in oil.  Many of my paintings are simple, straight forward views of rural America painted from memory in my studio not "plein air" or on site.  Several paintings, however, are composed as studies of textures, color, or American themes that have a more folk or even modern composition overlaid with realism.  Tonation, color and texture are more important than line value in my paintings.  I do consider myself a realism painter and I am always seeking those iconic images that make a connection - a common bond with my audience.  
My family and I lived near lake Erie when my children were small.  We now live in an Ohio farming community as a result I paint fewer seascapes now and more of the farm fields near by.
I have the privilege of sharing my studio with my wife, Mary who is also a painter. 
 Our son Luke, who exhibits at many of the same shows as I do, and our other 
children are also artists in various mediums. 

 The secret things belong to God, but the things revealed belong to us and our children.
Deuteronomy 29:29
Home in north central Ohio
Gary Stretar and family
​Our home in rural north central Ohio built in 1835, in the Greek Revival style.
Celebrating Gary's 60th birthday with our family. 
 We thank God for His many blessings
 represented in this picture.  
​English rose garden in front of 
screen house
​View west from the vegetable garden
Colonial garden by the tool house.
Our Gallery in north central Ohio, located in a converted barn on our property
​Gary at his easel.